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Strong, durable, and effortlessly classic, this long handle dosa tawa is a heirloom masterpiece. Pre-seasoned with natural, edible oil, our tawa is made with high purity, high density cast iron in Maharashtra’s wine capital, Nashik. It is available in one size – 11″ and is ideal for making dosa, crepes, and pancakes and frying fish and veggies. 


Proudly Made In India 

Pre-seasoned with natural, edible oils

Beautiful vintage finish

More heat retaining capacity

Naturally non stick

Complimentary silicone handles with each product 


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A household classic redesigned in high purity cast iron, our Satvik Concave Roti Tawa is your best pick for everyday use for making roti, chapati, paratha, bhakri, egg omelette, toast buns and pavs, and roasting nuts. It’s pre seasoned with natural, edible oilat a high temperature for a deeper season and is free from any chemical coating. 

The superior quality materials and slight concave shape enables even cooking, better heat retention, and easy cleaning. It is 27 cm in diameter and has a lifted handle for sophisticated use and easier handling. 

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Q: Does food taste better when cooked using a cast iron tawa?

A: Yes! The food tastes so much better compared to other materials because cast iron slowly releases heat into the food, which helps retain its flavour, texture, and aroma.

Q: Which foods should not be cooked on a cast iron tawa?
A: You should avoid cooking highly acidic foods on a cast iron tawa including tomatoes, foods that use wine as an ingredient, fish that have a strong smell, and desserts. 

Q: What are the benefits of using a cast iron tawa?
A: Other than requiring very little maintenance, cast iron tawa offers several benefits:

– Boosts iron content of food – cast iron products release a healthy amount of iron into your food to supplement your daily intake. It is highly recommended for children, menstruating women, and people who don’t consume meat.

– Naturally non-stick – our cast iron products are pre-seasoned with natural, edible oil, which gives you a natural non-stick finish. Teflon-coated cookware releases harmful chemicals into your food, which can cause discomfort, increased blood cholesterol, and headache. 

– Lasts forever – our products are heirloom pieces that you can pass down through generations. 

– Browns food beautifully – if you’re looking for an even golden brown finish on your food, cast iron will give you the best effect.

Q: How to take care of a cast iron tawa?
A: Iron rots when in contact with oxygen, so when you let cast iron utensils sit in water for too long, they start rotting. To clean a cast iron utensil, cool it down until it’s safe to handle. Use a soft sponge and regular dishwashing liquid and gently scrub the surface in a circular motion. 

Wash with room temperature water and dry off using soft cotton or microfibre cloth. Once it is completely dry, take half teaspoon of vegetable oil and rub it into the surface using a tissue paper in a circular motion.

Q: What is a seasoning?
A: Seasoning is the process of baking oil into a cast iron utensil to create a layer of carbonised oil, which gives it a natural non-stick finish. At Satvik, we only use non-GMO, edible oils to season our range of cast iron products. 

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